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Surface Finishing

After a product has been manufactured, surface finishing can be applied to add cosmetic changes. Polishing and buffing provides a smooth, mirror finish; duplex Nickel chrome plating adds to the luster and shine.

In addition to the cosmetic aspect, surface finishing also promotes product longevity. To ensure products remain in exceptional shape, different surface finishes may be applied, such as:

  • Rust prevention surface finish

  • Weather resistance surface finish

  • Components with pre-galvinized steel or Zinc platings (trivalent chromate finish)

  • Copper, Nickel, and Chrome platings

  • Electrocoating (a.k.a. e-coating)

  • Various organic surface treatments for rust prevention and to meet cosmetic requirements

Additionally, color match painting and powder coating for even longer surface protection with added cosmetic appeal may be added to a part.

All provided surface finishes are Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliant.

Surface Finishing: Feature
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